About Bailey

I specialize in creating compelling videos & digital marketing strategies for regional businesses that are designed to motivate customer action to move to the Next Step in their customer journey.

Bailey Cook is sitting at an editing workstation looking at the camera.

I fuel business growth by combining powerful communication with innovative video strategy.

I've worked on projects for

Passionate about the psychology of conversions.

I enjoy solving marketing and communication problems with an effective solution to the goal.

My aim is always to have a evergreen impact on a business that will improve the trajectory of their marketing for the years to come.

I can think through difficult creative problems through targeted questioning, listening carefully and analyse data quickly, to come up with multiple solutions.

I love collaborating with other creative specialists to create innovative individualized campaigns to suit a business.

Bailey Cook is filming on a video camera.

Advertise effectively without sacrificing authenticity

Filmmaking can move people to create new emotion, whether it is through thoughtful consideration or by making them laugh.

It can cause people to think differently about the world and learn more about themselves.

I enjoy storytelling through video, telling the stories of people who are interesting.
I find deep satisfaction in elevating others to be vulnerable and share their message.

My values


I am very candid and loyal to the truth, whilst remaining kind.

I do not shy away from bringing up uncomfortable truths, as I believe that being honest is one of the most important values.


Faced with any creative marketing or communications scenario, I can quickly spot the relevant patterns and issues.

From there I am able to ideate multiple ways to proceed to hit the goal.

Systems Thinking

I take immense satisfaction in creating clever business systems that scale effort over time (especially using automation!)


I love collaborating with other creative specialists to create innovative individualized campaigns to suit a business.

I get energised when I get a chance to deeply relate with others, like filming an interview or getting to know a client's business needs.


I am intrigued with the unique qualities of each person.

I love it when I can understand people on a deeper level so I can identify and achieve the most important and highest value goal, specficially for them.

Evergreen Impact

I love working on projects for brands and businesses who are determined to make a difference

I have a reputation for leading others to produce their finest work.

Want to work together?

I believe your video marketing should celebrate what makes your business unique, connect you with new people who will love what you do, and foster stronger relationships with your existing customers. I’d love to hear about your project.
b@bcook.co0416 352 118