What's Normal - Next Level

Youth for Christ

What’s Normal is a ministry currently operating under the Youth For Christ Care arm. What’s Normal

aims to shift harmful culture in our world by empowering young people to drive change through their

own lives and the lives of their friends and families. They are focused on equipping young people with

the right tools to support their critical thinking. Right now, What’s Normal’s goal is to sustainably scale

their capability to influence more young people.

In order to achieve this goal, What’s Normal needs to change the way their workshops are run so that it’s

not as heavily dependent on the presenter’s personal story. The presenters role will be one of a facilitator

rather than being fully responsible for taking the audience on the emotional journey needed to create an

atmosphere of vulnerability.

The most effective way to make the workshops scalable is to capture a powerful and engaging story in

video format. This video can then be used on a much larger scale with a wider range of presenters. The

video will be created in a story based, short documentary style and will conclude in a way that unlocks

the hearts of the audience and sets the stage for the presenter to facilitate meaningful small group discus-


What’s Normal has approached Hebron Films to produce and deliver a video documentary that delivers

on these goals. We’ll refer to this project as Next Level.

What's Normal - Next Level

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