Step Up - Grow your business with new cultures - Film Series

City of Greater Bendigo

This is the flagship video in a series we made for the City of Greater Bendigo. The goal of the series was to encourage businesses to investigate taking on staff from diverse cultural backgrounds. In 'A Recipe for Success', we parallel the story of making good quality sourdough bread with what it takes to make a thriving employee base.

The creation and evolution of a culturally diverse community is a beautifully complex process made up

of many different factors. One of our favourite roles as Filmmakers is to create content that is injected

into the ecosystem of culture to drive and shift it in positive directions. That’s why we’re super excited

to pour our creativity, strategy and experience into this project. The target audience for this series is

primarily local Employers and CALD Employees with the wider community making up the secondary

target audience.

In order to achieve the goal of increasing the value for inclusiveness and celebration of diversity, we will

create one flagship film and six supporting videos . The flagship video will be highly relatable and emo-

tional impacting. Its goal will be to get everybody on the same page and to cause personal reflection of

their own values. The next six videos will act as tools for Employers and Employees to help them practi-

cally integrate in the workplace in an honouring and respectful way.

Hebron Films will collaborate with the Inclusive Communities team throughout concept development

and Pre Production. Our process of revisions at each stage of production will be followed, ensuring that

the proposed result is achieved on time and with minimal need for revisions or changes.

Step Up - Grow your business with new cultures - Film Series

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