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Nacho Station - Hospitality Mural Content

Nacho Station

Nacho Station is a collection of artist, curators and collaborators who transform physical spaces through public art. They are focused on facilitating positive growth within regional creative communities. Nacho

Station’s has a goal of becoming Australia’s premier provider of regional mural art and creative community activation.

In order to achieve this goal, Nacho Station needs to increase their network, reputation and influence.

This video project is about achieving those goals through booking outdoor hospitality murals in regional centres around Victoria. This will be achieved through the release of a compelling unique value proposition (UVP), strategically delivered through video marketing to the right audience which is in this case, restaurant owners in regional Victoria.

While there is competition, including The Illustrators and 90 Degrees Art, Nacho Station’s focus on utilizing local creatives within regional areas an is a key differentiator in the mural art industry.

The value proposition that will be communicated is that Nacho Station makes the process of getting a mural done easy. This message will be show how accessible, transforming an outdoor space can be.

Nacho Station has approached Hebron Films to produce and deliver a video marketing package that delivers on these goals. We’ll refer to this package as Hospo Outdoor Campaign.

The primary target audience for Hospo Outdoor Campaign is defined as restaurant and cafe owners in re-

gional Victoria.

This audience can be specifically targeted on Facebook ensuring that the video is reaching the right people

not just a lot of people.

Nacho Station - Hospitality Mural Content

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