Face to Face with Emerald Grain - Grower Info Video

Emerald Grain

Emerald Grain is one of the largest grain marketing and supply chain businesses in Australia.

Before the yearly grain harvest, Emerald Grain traditionally runs on-site “grower meetings” at its seven

grain receival sites from Elmore, near Bendigo in Victoria, to The Rock, in southern New South Wales.

The purpose of the annual meetings, which are usually accompanied by a casual meal and post-drinks, is

to give Emerald staff the chance to talk face-to-face with 30-60 growers, explain what will happen during

harvest, including information around compliance, site safety and operating rules, fee structures and

how growers can interact with the company. These meetings are vital to Emerald Grain as these casual

interactions can result in real business being discussed.

This is done as “stand-up” presentation, accompanied by a PowerPoint. The company also uses the meet-

ing as an opportunity to deliver a “market update” to growers about current international market move-

ments and how they will impact prices moving forward etc.

Because of Covid-19 restrictions, these meetings are now unfeasible. Emerald believes that video is the

right tool of choice as it’s vital that their messages cuts through above the noise of long written emails to

keep growers engaged and interested. This is particularly important, as Emerald needs to address some

timely issues around the different controls and processes they are going to have as growers come through

the gate, including temperature testing on employees. It’s best to convey that in a video so the growers

clearly understand meaning there is no surprises when they get to the gate.

In the place of these meetings, Emerald has approached Hebron Films to produce a single 10-minute

video, to deliver all generic information relevant to all growers. It will become a piece of evergreen con-

tent, viewable on the company’s existing YouTube page. A link to the video will be pushed out via Emer-

ald Grain’s social media sites. We will refer to this package as 2020 Grain Harvest Update.

Face to Face with Emerald Grain - Grower Info Video

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