Dogs Connect Mentorship

Dogs Connect

Dogs Connect had been running in person school programs for schools and seeing awesome results but decided it was time to scale and widen the reach of the business.

In order to do this, Grant Shannon, owner of Dogs Connect, needed his time leveraged more than directly 1:1 mentoring with schools. With the Dogs Connect Mentorship online, we created a videocurriculum made up of 12 modules, done-for-you documents and training that teach both teachers at home about dog behavior strategies so they can improve their class' learning environment while also giving students better mental health.

As part of the Hebron Films team, I was able to work with Dogs Connect in outlining, structuring and producing a course that I is very beneficial for the schools they support.

I collaborated closely on the project from start-to-finish by providing feedback during planning sessions as well as being instrumental at orchestrating various aspects of this interactive learning experience through my expertise with technical materials such product strategy, web design, digital marketing, video production and lead funnel creation among other things.

Dogs Connect Mentorship

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