Centre for Non Violence - TV & Facebook Campaign

Center for Non Violence

In response to a noted downturn in the uptake of CNV services, you’ve reached out to Hebron Films to

help get the word out that CNV is still open and ready to help as they have been doing for many many


We’re super excited to tackle this problem head on with a multiplaform campaign. Based on the script

you’ve already provided, we’ll create one 15sec TVC. While that is running on local TV we will manage a

targeted ad campaign on Facebook which will consist of 4 x video ads that we create.

The campaign will focus on increasing public engagement with CNV services and boosting brand

awareness. There will be a video for each stage of the client journey that gives them relevant messaging,

encouraging them to take the next step if needed. We will set up and launch this campaign and manage

it for 1 month. Once this month has been completed, we’ll deliver the stats of what has been acheived

throughout the campaign and our involvement in this project will cease.

If you still wish to continue the campaign, we can show you how to manage it yourself or propose a

continued management fee under a new agreement.

Centre for Non Violence - TV & Facebook Campaign

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