Car Club & Caravan Tourism Showcase

City of Greater Bendigo / Bendigo Major Events

The Tourism and Major Events department of the City of Greater Bendigo are participating in the Victo-

rian Caravan and Camping Virtual Show, running from 30 September - 4 October.

As over 15,000 avid travelers have already signed up for this virtual show, it’s important to get the right

messaging right to inspire new visitors to come to Bendigo. Bendigo Tourism has identified that RVs are

an emerging market and sees an opportunity to tap into the growth in the market. It’s also vital to high-

light relevant practical caravan and camping benefits that Bendigo provides, while also keeping in mind

what attractions that demographic of customer will like.

In addition, Bendigo Tourism is also wanting to target more large ‘muster’ events to come to the Bendigo

region. These ‘musters’ are usually a 5-7 day event where they will stay at large spaces such as Elmore

Event Center. The benefit for Bendigo Tourism is to run bus tours from the musters into the city to stim-

ulate the local economy with new tourists. Previously, big muster events have come to the region through

word of mouth rather than Bendigo Tourism actively pursuing that market.

In order to achieve this outcome, Bendigo Tourism has approached Hebron Films to produce and deliver

two webinars for the virtual event that delivers on these goals. We’ll refer to this package as Caravan &

Camping Showcase.

The primary target audience for Caravan & Camping Showcase is defined as over 55 retired Australians

with a ‘Lifestyle leader’ mindset. They come from all over Australia, and they haven’t necessarily been

here before. They’re not as mobile, and they like things being organized for them. Therefore, it’s import-

ant to showcase the Visitor Center being able to arrange tours for them.

It is clear that this demographic is the ‘bread and butter’ of Bendigo Tourism, as they instinctively enjoy

a lot of the unique benefits Bendigo has, including exhibitions and the cultural heritage of the city.

As this is a virtual event, it’s possible that this webinar will be used for an international audience looking

for their next destination after the pandemic is over. The Sydney Melbourne touring route is popular for

RV enthusiasts, with the two biggest markets being Germans and the Dutch.

Car Club & Caravan Tourism Showcase

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